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    StickerSudoku 1.1 – new version – track scores and more

    Just a quick shout out – we have a new version of StickerSudoku out! Some of the new features were taken from suggestions from friends and comments in the reviews in iTunes. Whats new: – We’ve added a leaderboard within the game, since we found […]

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    We Theives – Cute problem solver, though maybe a little dark.

    These guys are cute, no doubt about it. But the story line is a little strange, with them stealing treasures. Them stealing treasures without the ability to move on their own even – they need to be pushed and prodded through physics (gravity, levers, explosions) […]

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    Solitaire Chess – if chess and the peg puzzle had a baby

    The kind folks at ThinkFun let me know about this one after they saw how much we enjoyed RushHour. They were very sweet and provided a promo code so that we could try this one out too. Basically this is the peg game – but […]

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    ItzaBitza for the Mac – great for early reading comprehension

    We’ve written about the great ItzaBitza line before when reviewing their app CocoaNaut.  I happened to be reading up on what they’re doing lately, to get any hints about when their next iOS release would be and found out that ItzaBitza is also out on […]

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    Free the Fobbles – fun little two player game

    This one was made by a fellow Corona developer. It is a nice, simple game, designed for two players. Kind of wish we had thought of it. Basically, one removes little logs that allow the Fobbles to fall down to the ground.  First team to […]

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    Max and the Magic Marker – All the goodness of Trace, plus some.

    We love Trace.  It’s a great game. But at the same time, we love Harold and the Purple Crayon. Max and the Magic Marker is their child. Max has got a challenging world he needs to get through – and you’re the one to help […]

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    Cut the Rope – a lot easier to argue the educational merits than Angry Birds.

    Okay – so I’ve tried to say that Angry Birds and its physics engine can be educational, but it was a stretch and I knew it. Cut the Rope, another popular, cute little game has been a lot easier to convince mom of its edutainment […]

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    RushHour – popular puzzle game in app format

    This is another popular crossover from puzzle game to app. Sal got this traffic game puzzle from ThinkFun from his grandfather and enjoyed trying to see how far he could go in the challenges. In the game you get a beginning layout that can vary […]

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    Boxed In – puzzle app for youngsters and adults

    This was one of Sal’s first favorites when I had first gotten my iPhone. I was looking at his top 10 list from when he had just turned 5 and realized I needed to review this gem and needed to get this back on the […]

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    Sticker Sudoku – fun intro for kids to logic puzzles

    We’re excited to announce our first app! We’ve been big fans of how intuitive iOS apps are to kids and have been impressed with how quickly they are being adopted in schools. Sal’s school has gotten a set of iPads that are very popular with […]

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