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    MultiFlow – fun multiplication app that’s challenging for all ages

    I forget how I found MultiFlow, but I’ve been happy I stumbled upon it. Sal, not so much. The times tables are his nemesis right now so I thought this would be a good diversion from them. You can use the “pick’em” mode to select […]

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  • Pit droids

    Star Wars Pit Droids – surprisingly educational puzzler

    These pit droids are pretty mindless.  They can only follow instructions via tiles printed on the ground.  It’s your job to steer them in the right direction. Yup – it’s another algorithmic thinking puzzle in the guise of a game!  I had come to think […]

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    Cargo Bot – introduction to algorithmic thinking.

    Cargo Bot is a great little game that has generated some buzz because it was developed entirely on the iPad.  We’ll be looking into that development environment and how it might be useful for a kid to get introduced to programming later on.  For now, […]

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  • Maxwell in Scribblenauts

    Scribblenauts – a great creative, problem solving game

    Scribblenauts was originally introduced to us via my brother’s Nintendo DS.  When we saw it out for the iPad, we jumped on it.  Maxwell, the main character, often finds himself in situations where he needs help.  That’s where you come in.  You create objects (by […]

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    Draw Something – fun family app – pictionary with a bit of spelling

    It’s been a while since an app has really truly captured the whole family – and I’m not just talking about the kid. There have been apps that the kid and his dad have enjoyed, the kid and his aunt have enjoyed, etc. but one […]

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    Wild Chords – learn to play a real guitar with this fun app

    This is more of a guitar playing tutorial than a game.  But it is the type of tutorial that shows what learning with the iPad can be.  They have basically taken the Guitar Hero style gameplay, but mapped it use your own real guitar. Using […]

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    Maze+ – Freemium app that lead to some tears.

    Maze+ is an interesting game at some levels.  At a personal level though, it left us in tears. The idea is simple enough – lead your cute little dude through a maze.  The maze is interesting in that it doesn’t all fit on the screen […]

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    Casey’s Contraptions – physics game, geared towards kids with a iPad friendly UI

    Update:This game was bought out and renamed Amazing Alex by Rovio. But it’s still the same great game. It’s a physics, Rube Goldberg game, with a slant towards children.  It is a lot like the previously reviewed Crazy Machines, but it has a much more intuitive […]

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    Ticket to Ride – great iPad implementation of the board game.

    I have a few board game enthusiasts at work and they were recommending some board games to play with Sal.  At first, I wasn’t into the idea behind Ticket to Ride, but when I was talking to another parent about games with choice versus games […]

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    Battleship; new school vs. old school.

    So we all think it is ridiculous that they are making a movie out of the game Battleship right?  But I guess if it worked for the Transformers, it should work with Battleship. Anyway, suppose you’re completely disheartened by Hasbro’s sell-out and want to relive […]

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