Free the Fobbles – fun little two player game

This one was made by a fellow Corona developer. It is a nice, simple game, designed for two players. Kind of wish we had thought of it.

Basically, one removes little logs that allow the Fobbles to fall down to the ground.  First team to have “freed” all their Fobbles wins.  The instructions are all in the title huh?

It gets tricky though, as one needs to calculate which pieces will help one’s team the most.  Or which will help the other team the least.  And balance those needs out.  One picks up a little physics along the way, implicitly, by observing the Fobbles and their behaviors in the world.  Speaks to how authentic the physics engine is in the Corona environment.

It is simple enough to understand quickly for a little child.  Yet it’s complicated enough to keep them interested in it game after game.

It did lead to some tears though, after a few terribly close games.  So we also added a couple of handicaps:

  • Sal could pick the color he wanted to be after the initial Fobbles settle – since it’s a random board and distribution of Foibles each game.  Sometimes one team has a clear advantage.  In our screenshot here, the white guys are a little lower to start with.  The crazy thing is sometimes that’s a clear advantage and other times, it’s not so clear.  Makes it fun!
  • He also gets to take my turn at some point during the game.  This actually gives him 3 turns in a row.  It made the game rather challenging for me at this point.  So, it’s a pretty good handicapping system.

All in all, lots of fun in our house.  And no more tears.

Cost: FREE!

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