Slice It! Puzzle app fun with flavors of fractions and percentages

This app has a deceptively simple yet addictive requirement – just slice the shape into the goal number of pieces with the given number of lines, and divvy up your pieces into equal areas. It was simple to pick up and move through the beginning levels as the shapes and the goals got progressively harder. Sal took to it right away and we talked a bit about the fractions and the percentages they translated to. It was an interesting one to play with Sal since I saw that for the easy levels, I have a preconceived notion of how to divide up the different shapes and was happy to see Sal experiment with different tactics.

I’m not saying your kid will learn fractions or percentages from this – but it’s great puzzle fun and a solid basis to talk about these concepts. Another great app for reinforcing fractions can be found in the Pearl Diver.

Marrying some math concepts, some reiterative problem solving, and a clean and simple game design, this one was loved by the entire family.


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