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    Into the Snow – more interactive than book, but fun anyway!

    Going into this app, I thought it was going to be an interactive book.  My first run through it showed me it wasn’t and though the interactive stuff was cute, I wasn’t that interested in it.  There was a story, but it was acted out […]

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    Where’s my water – good physics puzzle game from Disney

    The Disney folks have some good apps on the iPhone for kids.  Very kid friendly, but sometimes geared towards some of their brands. This game is different, since it is created around a new character, Swampy the Alligator. Swampy just wants to take a shower, […]

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    Casey’s Contraptions – physics game, geared towards kids with a iPad friendly UI

    Update:This game was bought out and renamed Amazing Alex by Rovio. But it’s still the same great game. It’s a physics, Rube Goldberg game, with a slant towards children.  It is a lot like the previously reviewed Crazy Machines, but it has a much more intuitive […]

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    Bartleby’s Book of Buttons – a fun interactive book.

    Bartleby’s Book of Buttons is exactly that – a book of buttons and knobs and switches.  Each of the buttons interacts with the page somehow, making this a storybook that really couldn’t be done without the iPad. Bartleby, the main character, goes on an adventure […]

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    Super 7 – Flight Control fun with a math drilling aspect to it.

    Sal busted me on this one, but I had the last laugh.  When I called him over to show him a new game, he yelled back “Is it going to be a fun one or one that tries to teach me math?”  Guess he’s had […]

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    Math apps from McGraw Hill

    A few games from a recognized education content provider that your lil’ns may enjoy 🙂 Everyday Mathematics Tric-Trac – Addition game, 1 – 2 players Description: Players take turns rolling two dice, finding their sum, and then matching the sum to one or more numbers […]

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    What was I scared of – an easy to digest Dr. Seuss story

    Our son’s kindergarten class had a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration and his homework was to talk about his favorite book.  He said he didn’t like Dr. Seuss at all.  I thought it’d be interesting if he would write his summary up in the green eggs […]

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    I Just Forgot – cute little book with enough interactions to help young readers

    I wasn’t familiar with this Little Critter series, but the dude kind of grew on me.  He’s not perfect, making him much easier to relate to. I like books with a clear, simple message and this one fits the bill.  We go through the day […]

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    ItzaBitza for the Mac – great for early reading comprehension

    We’ve written about the great ItzaBitza line before when reviewing their app CocoaNaut.  I happened to be reading up on what they’re doing lately, to get any hints about when their next iOS release would be and found out that ItzaBitza is also out on […]

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    The Three Pigs – pop up book deluxe!

    I remember the books as a kid that had some sort of interaction with them.  Usually tabs you could pull to pop up a tree or make someone’s tail wag or sometimes, change an image in a window by having the “blinds” change.  All sort […]

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