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    Stick Dog wants a Hamburger – what my child is reading.

    Recently, I went to iBooks to compare prices with Kindle for a technical book, but while I was there, I started browsing the free books.  I found the Velveteen Rabbit was offered for free.  And Winnie The Pooh is always there free.  And a few […]

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    Bartleby’s Book of Buttons – a fun interactive book.

    Bartleby’s Book of Buttons is exactly that – a book of buttons and knobs and switches.  Each of the buttons interacts with the page somehow, making this a storybook that really couldn’t be done without the iPad. Bartleby, the main character, goes on an adventure […]

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    I Just Forgot – cute little book with enough interactions to help young readers

    I wasn’t familiar with this Little Critter series, but the dude kind of grew on me.  He’s not perfect, making him much easier to relate to. I like books with a clear, simple message and this one fits the bill.  We go through the day […]

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    The Three Pigs – pop up book deluxe!

    I remember the books as a kid that had some sort of interaction with them.  Usually tabs you could pull to pop up a tree or make someone’s tail wag or sometimes, change an image in a window by having the “blinds” change.  All sort […]

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    No longer free books …

    Seems like Yoplait Kids is sponsoring some iStoryTime applications, so their books (normally $.99) were free for a limited time. We enjoyed Peanut Butter Bob more than the Invisible Alligators or Wiener Dog Magnet.  Partially because it was an easier story to read – the […]

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    Math Ninjas – Math practice hidden in a fun ninja storyline

    I’ve been on the lookout for fun math games that would appeal to my little guy, and this one definitely hit the mark. He’s at that age where he’s fascinated by ninjas and this one had the cutest storyline (ok, cute for a ninja story) […]

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    TeachMe: 1st Grade adding writing to the ever-popular Kindergarten version

    Cruising around the app store I was pleased to find out that TeachMe had a new addition out for 1st grade. We bought the app and gave it a whirl – Sal found a rekindled love of building up his virtual aquarium (those who have […]

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  • DemBones

    Dem Bones – sing along to this classic song. Dancing is optional.

    This is flat out a silly app. But my son and I argue about the difference between silly and funny and right now, he prefers silly over funny every day of the week. So he enjoys this app. He likes the music.  Doesn’t care right […]

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    Question Builder – fun reading and scene comprehension games.

    I really like this one. The have a question at the top, a picture at the bottom that describes a scene, and multiple choice answers in the middle. For any given picture, there are a variety of questions that your child can be asked.  They […]

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  • Violet

    Violet – what our child is reading this week.

    I finally jumped in to get one of the more “interactive” children’s books.  Even though the reviews on this book said it wasn’t that interactive, the storyline seemed more in line with a 5 year old than the other options (Alice in Wonderland and The […]

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