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  • StripDesigner

    Strip Designer – make your own comics with style.

    We’ve used this app a couple of different ways.  I showed it to Sal, thinking we could make comic strips, but we got distracted by the joy of putting moustaches on the photos of him.  Really.  It was kind of addicting.  Spiders were a fun […]

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  • 5552877817_b98839ceaa_b

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary – voice search capability great for new spellers

    Maybe a dictionary doesn’t seem as fun of an app – but I have to say I am so excited that there was a dictionary app that had a voice search. We have a reluctant writer in our house – I’m not going to name […]

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  • teachme1st

    TeachMe: 1st Grade adding writing to the ever-popular Kindergarten version

    Cruising around the app store I was pleased to find out that TeachMe had a new addition out for 1st grade. We bought the app and gave it a whirl – Sal found a rekindled love of building up his virtual aquarium (those who have […]

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  • 4727301287_fe9c6fe855

    KidCalc – multiple math activities app

    I’m going to break Thumper’s advice about “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”.   This one, quite frankly, disappointed me.   As one of the top Education apps – I thought this would be a stellar math app. This app has a […]

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  • iWriteWords


    I debated on what the first app review should be.   His favorite?  A particular category?  Luckily it got answered for me with questions around learning to write.     Is this the first app Sal will crack open when he gets some time on the iPhone?  Nah.   […]

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