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    Maze+ – Freemium app that lead to some tears.

    Maze+ is an interesting game at some levels.  At a personal level though, it left us in tears. The idea is simple enough – lead your cute little dude through a maze.  The maze is interesting in that it doesn’t all fit on the screen […]

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    Solitaire Chess – if chess and the peg puzzle had a baby

    The kind folks at ThinkFun let me know about this one after they saw how much we enjoyed RushHour. They were very sweet and provided a promo code so that we could try this one out too. Basically this is the peg game – but […]

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    StackEm – great board game for two.

    * note – just got word that this game has been taken down due to conflict between Goblet and Stackem, I’ll keep an eye opened on this, but for now seems like the game has been removed* We’re at the point where the restaurant menus […]

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    Boxed In – puzzle app for youngsters and adults

    This was one of Sal’s first favorites when I had first gotten my iPhone. I was looking at his top 10 list from when he had just turned 5 and realized I needed to review this gem and needed to get this back on the […]

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    SET – Popular card game that works your mind in iPad format

    This is a game that really has some additional benefit being in an iPad format, more so then just the portability. SET is one of those games that ignores age, where you can have a 7 year old beat a 30 year old, and it […]

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  • Wheels on the bus

    Wheels on the Bus – Saves you the effort of having to sing solo.

    Wheels on the Bus is a great looking, great sounding, slightly interactive book.  Full disclosure – I don’t think I ever knew this song growing up, but I don’t think this version is the pure, traditional version.  It’s got cupcakes in it after all. But […]

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    Who am I? An animal guessing game that teaches fun animal facts.

    This is a straightforward app that educates while building confidence. They give clues about animals, some are obvious and others not so obvious. Over time, your child will gain knowledge about the animals, while gaining confidence with the more knowledge they know. I was surprised […]

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    Just Find it

    Did you subscribe to “Highlights” as a kid?   If you did, remember when they had those 2 pictures where you’d get to look for what the difference was?  This is that game.   Back then I didn’t realize it was good for memory building […]

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