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    Wild Chords – learn to play a real guitar with this fun app

    This is more of a guitar playing tutorial than a game.  But it is the type of tutorial that shows what learning with the iPad can be.  They have basically taken the Guitar Hero style gameplay, but mapped it use your own real guitar. Using […]

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  • DemBones

    Dem Bones – sing along to this classic song. Dancing is optional.

    This is flat out a silly app. But my son and I argue about the difference between silly and funny and right now, he prefers silly over funny every day of the week. So he enjoys this app. He likes the music.  Doesn’t care right […]

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  • Genikids Orchestra

    Genikids Orchestra – fun little music box.

    One of the little dude’s favorite toys as an infant was the Mozart Music Cube. Each side of the cube was an instrument and as you turned each side on, that instrument would start to play its portion of the song.  You can have the […]

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  • Wheels on the bus

    Wheels on the Bus – Saves you the effort of having to sing solo.

    Wheels on the Bus is a great looking, great sounding, slightly interactive book.  Full disclosure – I don’t think I ever knew this song growing up, but I don’t think this version is the pure, traditional version.  It’s got cupcakes in it after all. But […]

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