StickerSudoku 1.1 – new version – track scores and more

Just a quick shout out – we have a new version of StickerSudoku out! Some of the new features were taken from suggestions from friends and comments in the reviews in iTunes.

Whats new:

– We’ve added a leaderboard within the game, since we found out families like to compete. Sort by best time, average time to solve a puzzle, or most puzzles solved. Also let’s you choose your favorite sticker to be your icon.

– Added a reset button so you can “erase” your stickers if you get too stuck.

– Removed the Ostrich and the Giraffe from the iPhone/iPod version since they were a little tough to grab.

– Added more puzzles!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this game – it’s free and a great introduction to Sudoku for kids. We’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback and kids that love the game and couldn’t be prouder. If you have the game, would you mind leaving us a review in iTunes? We love the feedback and helps us to determine whether we should do more work on this app or not.



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