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    MultiFlow – fun multiplication app that’s challenging for all ages

    I forget how I found MultiFlow, but I’ve been happy I stumbled upon it. Sal, not so much. The times tables are his nemesis right now so I thought this would be a good diversion from them. You can use the “pick’em” mode to select […]

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    Super 7 – Flight Control fun with a math drilling aspect to it.

    Sal busted me on this one, but I had the last laugh.  When I called him over to show him a new game, he yelled back “Is it going to be a fun one or one that tries to teach me math?”  Guess he’s had […]

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    Math apps from McGraw Hill

    A few games from a recognized education content provider that your lil’ns may enjoy 🙂 Everyday Mathematics Tric-Trac – Addition game, 1 – 2 players Description: Players take turns rolling two dice, finding their sum, and then matching the sum to one or more numbers […]

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    Mathmateer – can math practice be addictive?

    When I found out the developer of Stack the States had a math app, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I checked out the game before unleashing my kid on it – and immediately noticed it’s a very rich app with beautiful […]

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    Sticker Sudoku – fun intro for kids to logic puzzles

    We’re excited to announce our first app! We’ve been big fans of how intuitive iOS apps are to kids and have been impressed with how quickly they are being adopted in schools. Sal’s school has gotten a set of iPads that are very popular with […]

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    Math Ninjas – Math practice hidden in a fun ninja storyline

    I’ve been on the lookout for fun math games that would appeal to my little guy, and this one definitely hit the mark. He’s at that age where he’s fascinated by ninjas and this one had the cutest storyline (ok, cute for a ninja story) […]

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  • SliceIt

    Slice It! Puzzle app fun with flavors of fractions and percentages

    This app has a deceptively simple yet addictive requirement – just slice the shape into the goal number of pieces with the given number of lines, and divvy up your pieces into equal areas. It was simple to pick up and move through the beginning […]

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    TeachMe: 1st Grade adding writing to the ever-popular Kindergarten version

    Cruising around the app store I was pleased to find out that TeachMe had a new addition out for 1st grade. We bought the app and gave it a whirl – Sal found a rekindled love of building up his virtual aquarium (those who have […]

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    Tangrams XL – Free app to master those seven magic shapes

    Tangrams has been one of the games at Sal’s grandfather’s house that he has been circling. It is a traditional black 7 shaped piece with a booklet of silhouettes that is challenging for any beginner. Typically I think it’s good for a kid to play […]

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  • MathBoard

    Mathboard – math worksheets for the iPad

    After seeing a mommy friend’s question around math worksheets – I was curious to see if there were any good apps for that as well.   I was pleased to find out about MathBoard.   It had a great old school chalk board feel that I […]

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