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    Cargo Bot – introduction to algorithmic thinking.

    Cargo Bot is a great little game that has generated some buzz because it was developed entirely on the iPad.  We’ll be looking into that development environment and how it might be useful for a kid to get introduced to programming later on.  For now, […]

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    Wild Chords – learn to play a real guitar with this fun app

    This is more of a guitar playing tutorial than a game.  But it is the type of tutorial that shows what learning with the iPad can be.  They have basically taken the Guitar Hero style gameplay, but mapped it use your own real guitar. Using […]

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    Into the Snow – more interactive than book, but fun anyway!

    Going into this app, I thought it was going to be an interactive book.  My first run through it showed me it wasn’t and though the interactive stuff was cute, I wasn’t that interested in it.  There was a story, but it was acted out […]

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    Casey’s Contraptions – physics game, geared towards kids with a iPad friendly UI

    Update:This game was bought out and renamed Amazing Alex by Rovio. But it’s still the same great game. It’s a physics, Rube Goldberg game, with a slant towards children.  It is a lot like the previously reviewed Crazy Machines, but it has a much more intuitive […]

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    Bartleby’s Book of Buttons – a fun interactive book.

    Bartleby’s Book of Buttons is exactly that – a book of buttons and knobs and switches.  Each of the buttons interacts with the page somehow, making this a storybook that really couldn’t be done without the iPad. Bartleby, the main character, goes on an adventure […]

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    Ticket to Ride – great iPad implementation of the board game.

    I have a few board game enthusiasts at work and they were recommending some board games to play with Sal.  At first, I wasn’t into the idea behind Ticket to Ride, but when I was talking to another parent about games with choice versus games […]

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    We Theives – Cute problem solver, though maybe a little dark.

    These guys are cute, no doubt about it. But the story line is a little strange, with them stealing treasures. Them stealing treasures without the ability to move on their own even – they need to be pushed and prodded through physics (gravity, levers, explosions) […]

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    Free the Fobbles – fun little two player game

    This one was made by a fellow Corona developer. It is a nice, simple game, designed for two players. Kind of wish we had thought of it. Basically, one removes little logs that allow the Fobbles to fall down to the ground.  First team to […]

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    SET – Popular card game that works your mind in iPad format

    This is a game that really has some additional benefit being in an iPad format, more so then just the portability. SET is one of those games that ignores age, where you can have a 7 year old beat a 30 year old, and it […]

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  • Violet

    Violet – what our child is reading this week.

    I finally jumped in to get one of the more “interactive” children’s books.  Even though the reviews on this book said it wasn’t that interactive, the storyline seemed more in line with a 5 year old than the other options (Alice in Wonderland and The […]

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