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  • Maxwell in Scribblenauts

    Scribblenauts – a great creative, problem solving game

    Scribblenauts was originally introduced to us via my brother’s Nintendo DS.  When we saw it out for the iPad, we jumped on it.  Maxwell, the main character, often finds himself in situations where he needs help.  That’s where you come in.  You create objects (by […]

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  • IMG_0020

    Casey’s Contraptions – physics game, geared towards kids with a iPad friendly UI

    Update:This game was bought out and renamed Amazing Alex by Rovio. But it’s still the same great game. It’s a physics, Rube Goldberg game, with a slant towards children.  It is a lot like the previously reviewed Crazy Machines, but it has a much more intuitive […]

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  • Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 12.07.52 AM

    ItzaBitza for the Mac – great for early reading comprehension

    We’ve written about the great ItzaBitza line before when reviewing their app CocoaNaut.  I happened to be reading up on what they’re doing lately, to get any hints about when their next iOS release would be and found out that ItzaBitza is also out on […]

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  • IMG_0198

    Max and the Magic Marker – All the goodness of Trace, plus some.

    We love Trace.  It’s a great game. But at the same time, we love Harold and the Purple Crayon. Max and the Magic Marker is their child. Max has got a challenging world he needs to get through – and you’re the one to help […]

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  • StripDesigner

    Strip Designer – make your own comics with style.

    We’ve used this app a couple of different ways.  I showed it to Sal, thinking we could make comic strips, but we got distracted by the joy of putting moustaches on the photos of him.  Really.  It was kind of addicting.  Spiders were a fun […]

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  • CocoaNaut

    CocoaNaut – great game to support, so they bring more apps to the iPhone.

    CocoaNaut is a cross over game.  Cocoa is a monkey from ItzaZoo, which is a Windows game. And a fantastic game at that.  So good that I am completely satisfied buying CocoaNaut in the hopes that it shows enough support that they port more games […]

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  • PuppetPals

    Puppet Pals – Fun iPad app for your kids to create their own puppet shows

    This is a great way to develop story telling and encourage creativity by creating your own puppet shows.  You can download the base set which includes a few puppets and a western scene stage to get started.  This was enough to sell us on this app and […]

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  • crazyMachines

    Crazy Machines – updated version of mousetrap

    There is an episode of Blue’s Clues about “Contraptions” and the little guy loved it. Loved the ideas, loved struggling to say the word ‘contraption’, loved trying to think up his own simple contraptions. That made me thing of the board game “Mousetrap” which I […]

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  • drawingpad

    Drawing Pad – art app for kids

    This is the first app that really sold me on the iPad for Sal.   Like other parents, our walls are covered with our kid’s art.   Pictures are peeling off the wall, and I’m struggling with that question of what to keep and what to <gasp> […]

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  • Trace

    Trace – creative problem solving game

    This is one of those wonderfully simple apps that keeps you coming back.  It’s not complicated visually, but the essence of the game is very rich.  You need to move your little stick figure across the screen, avoiding various dangers along the way, to the […]

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