Just Find it

Did you subscribe to “Highlights” as a kid?   If you did, remember when they had those 2 pictures where you’d get to look for what the difference was?  This is that game.   Back then I didn’t realize it was good for memory building too.  You have to memorize what’s on one picture and compare it to the other, you have to pay attention to details that often you take for granted, and stick to it while the timer counts down.

Recently there was an article that came out that correlated memory with intelligence tests that I thought was interesting.   Not saying getting a number on an intelligence test is the goal here, but working on your memory while you’re having fun can’t hurt.

There’s a couple different versions of this game in the app store.  This one’s pretty straight forward.   It has 3 different modes:  easy, medium, and hard.   The easy mode keeps Sal engaged – right in that sweet spot of challenging but not to hard where it’s not doable for him.  I find it fun and a challenge too.

Cost: $0.99

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