Genikids Orchestra – fun little music box.

One of the little dude’s favorite toys as an infant was the Mozart Music Cube. Each side of the cube was an instrument and as you turned each side on, that instrument would start to play its portion of the song.  You can have the full orchestra playing or just one instrument – or any subset in between.  It was a fun way of blending music.

Genikids Orchestra does the same thing on the iPad.  But a lot cuter.  You see the orchestra’s there as a set of animals and you can change their costumes as well.  As you tap on the character, they will either start playing their part or stop.  Seeing the whole orchestra at once makes the process a lot more fun and less abstract than the cube.  The cube is simpler for the infant to manipulate, but this app really lets the child make a stronger connection about what is actually going on.

Want to hear the drums, tap on the little puppy (well, I’m not sure he’s a puppy).  Get the little girl involved to hear the piano. And you can sing along easily.

iPad – $2.99:

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