SET – Popular card game that works your mind in iPad format

This is a game that really has some additional benefit being in an iPad format, more so then just the portability. SET is one of those games that ignores age, where you can have a 7 year old beat a 30 year old, and it is a fun challenge for all. I remember our introduction to this game where we were beat by our friend’s kid. For those of you who may not have played it, the game is pretty simple, but it will have your brain running laps trying to find the “sets”. Each card has 4 features: color, shape, number of objects, and shading (comes in the “advanced” rule sets). Your job is to try to find a set of 3 where every feature is either the same or different. Simple right? The picture above had me cross eyed trying to find a set.

For the folks already used to playing SET – the iPad version comes with different modes that it can be played with up from 1 – 4 players, and different types of games and also an option of using the basic deck (only 3 features) or the advanced set (all 4 features). The basic deck is a great way to introduce younger kids to the game.

You can find a lot of fan reviews of the game on amazon.

Cost: $7.99 (May seem steep for an iPad game, but it is less then the card set you buy and an easier way to get more out of your card set.)

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