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  • Hang genius

    Hang Genius – a cute game of hangman, if a game about hanging someone can be cute.

    So, I don’t really know how the game of hangman came up and as I was describing it to my son the other day, I realized that there were a lot of questions about the game’s origins that I didn’t know and didn’t really want […]

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  • Wheels on the bus

    Wheels on the Bus – Saves you the effort of having to sing solo.

    Wheels on the Bus is a great looking, great sounding, slightly interactive book.  Full disclosure – I don’t think I ever knew this song growing up, but I don’t think this version is the pure, traditional version.  It’s got cupcakes in it after all. But […]

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  • web

    Who am I? An animal guessing game that teaches fun animal facts.

    This is a straightforward app that educates while building confidence. They give clues about animals, some are obvious and others not so obvious. Over time, your child will gain knowledge about the animals, while gaining confidence with the more knowledge they know. I was surprised […]

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  • BrainPop

    BrainPOP – Free educational and fun short clips with quizzes

    This was my first introduction to BrainPOP, and viewing the robot character, I knew that it would be popular with Sal.     Talking to some mommy friends I found out they have a more extensive website with an array of educational clips that you can subscribe […]

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  • Teach Me

    Teach Me Kindergarten – Great app for early reading, spelling, and math

    This one is a popular one with a lot of our friends and I can see why.    I only recently downloaded and tried this app but wish I had introduced Sal to it earlier when he was starting to read.    It has a bit of […]

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  • crazyMachines

    Crazy Machines – updated version of mousetrap

    There is an episode of Blue’s Clues about “Contraptions” and the little guy loved it. Loved the ideas, loved struggling to say the word ‘contraption’, loved trying to think up his own simple contraptions. That made me thing of the board game “Mousetrap” which I […]

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  • seussBook

    Cat in the Hat

    My husband sold the iPad to me by saying that it’d be the easiest way to carry around a library of books for Sal. In theory, this makes a lot of sense, but honestly, I’m still waiting to see how this will rank compared to […]

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