Who am I? An animal guessing game that teaches fun animal facts.

This is a straightforward app that educates while building confidence. They give clues about animals, some are obvious and others not so obvious. Over time, your child will gain knowledge about the animals, while gaining confidence with the more knowledge they know.

I was surprised our son didn’t know about beavers.  Big front teeth and gnaws on trees is clue enough.  Nature’s engineers even.  Who else builds damns?  But then, I realized this app just taught him a little bit about beavers.  And he is retained that knowledge when we were playing with the app a few days later.  This app also fits perfectly with our little guy’s interest in reading right now too.  He’s able to read most of the clues well enough to get a good idea of the animal, when he knows what the animal is – but he has just as much fun with it when I read the clues to him.

So basically, it’s win-win.  He’s pleased with himself when he knows the animal.  And when he doesn’t know the animal, he’s learned some fun facts about a new animal.

A couple of nit-picky knocks on it: I wish it was a little more random in it’s ordering of the animals and the font, with its slanted letters is a little hard for our guy to read every now and then.

There’s a free version that has a handful of animals to see if you like the format.  Pay 99 cents to get more animals than you can shake a stick at.

Full Version Cost: Free!

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