Angry Birds – physics and problem solving with a slightly twisted storyline

Let’s just say I wasn’t the one that introduced Sal to this game.   That said, can’t say it’s all bad, and the kid and his dad love it.   It ranks #2 for Sal 5.0.    I do encourage him to play different apps as well, and he seems to naturally balance himself out which I’m very happy about.  If you read the about section, you know this kid has limited screen time and he rations it out like it was his last canteen of water in a desert.

So what is it?

You get a series of birds that you get to fling at increasingly difficult structures to take down some pigs.   You get to virtually pull back a slingshot loaded with a bird, and each different bird has different capabilities.    It take a bit of problem solving and iterative stick-to-it-ness that I like to try to find out the most efficient way to take down the pigs and earn yourself some stars.      You also get to adjust your trajectory that you use, seeing what angle you launched your bird previously and where it landed, and trying to adjust to hit your target.
Overall – fun and addictive, lighter on the education.  You can get a bit more mileage on the learning side by playing together, talking about different strategies, and testing them out.

Cost: non-HD (iPhone/iPod): $0.99

Cost: HD Version (iPad only): $2.99

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