What was I scared of – an easy to digest Dr. Seuss story

Our son’s kindergarten class had a Dr. Seuss birthday celebration and his homework was to talk about his favorite book.  He said he didn’t like Dr. Seuss at all.  I thought it’d be interesting if he would write his summary up in the green eggs and ham style, but he wasn’t that thrilled with the idea.

His reasoning for not liking Dr. Seuss was the nonsensical made up words.  Sure, he’ll see a few songs from Seussical after we went to see it, but when it comes to reading, he wants his words to be sensical.

I tried to get him to bring up What was I Scared of? – Dr. Seuss – Oceanhouse Media“>What was I Scared of? since he liked the version we read on the iPad, but it was too late.  He had already set his mind on being the kid that doesn’t like any Dr. Seuss book.

Though I found this story helpful to calm him down when he is scared of things.  We talk about how whatever he’s scared of is really like a pair of green pants.  The silliness of it all helps him relax and put things into perspective.  So even though he’s not admitting it, the book has been effective to us.

And it is a bit more sensible than others, both in its simple, direct story and its vocabulary. This is another great Oceanhouse Media treatment to a book.  They’ve got their recipe down and are just cranking these books out.

Cost: $1.99 – universal app for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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