Albert – a truly unique game that captured our attention all weekend.

Albert is like no other game we’ve seen.

Apparently, they’ve created the graphics by cutting out over 1,000 cardboard figures, photographed them, then imported them into the game.  It gives the game a very distinct look and feel.

The feel in fact, goes beyond just the graphics, as you really need to manipulate the iPad in every way to get play this game.  Rhythmic clapping, singing, blowing into the microphone, matching games, tilting games – they are all various stages of this quirky little game.

You also need to probe the environment quite a bit.  On one hand, you need to solve the problem that Albert’s faced with.  On the other hand, you need to be paying attention for the hidden treasures that pop up during game play.  It’s really quite a bit of fun and a very different pace that many of the games we’ve been trying out.

The problems aren’t too complicated for a youngster to play, though getting 3 stars will be difficult for them.  That’s just a perfect excuse for you to come in and save the day.

I can’t really argue for any educational aspect to this game.  It’s just some fun family time where everyone can play together and talk about Albert and a day in his life.  Plus the sound track is great too.  Sal can’t help but start dancing to the theme song when it comes up.  They’ve even released it as an album on iTunes.

Great fun on your iPhone/iPod for $1.99 –

Pick it up for your iPad for $2.99 –

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