Dizzypad – get those reaction times down

Dizzypad is a guilty pleasure of ours.

Very little educational slant I can put on it for Mom.  But the kid jumps around with excitement and tension while playing.

The basic version of the game, involves your frog on a spinning lily pad.  Tap the screen to get it to jump in the current direction.  If it lands on another lily pad, good for you!  If not, well, you might get another try.

Goal is to get as far “up” the pond as possible.

Works on, timing, coordination, reaction time.  A little strategy.  A little patience.

Working on achievements gets you new frogs, with new color patterns.  More on those color patterns in a future review of their Pocket Frogs game.

In the iPad version, you can buy a 2 player game.  The screen doesn’t scroll.  But there is an assortment of spinning lily pads for you and your opponent to jump on.  Each of you gets your frog to jump by tapping on your side of the iPad.  First one to land on the other one’s frog wins that round.  First one to land on the other one 3 times, wins.

This is the one that gets really exciting for the little guy.  It’s helped us deal with gracious winning and losing…still more to go though…

For the iPhone/iPod Touch –

Dizzypad - Frog Jump Fun - NimbleBit LLC

For the iPad –

Dizzypad HD - NimbleBit LLC

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