Teach Me Kindergarten – Great app for early reading, spelling, and math

This one is a popular one with a lot of our friends and I can see why.    I only recently downloaded and tried this app but wish I had introduced Sal to it earlier when he was starting to read.    It has a bit of a flashcard approach, but with 2 great differences – they introduce an interactive component and there is a virtual bank of coins they can collect that makes for a very fun reward where they can spend their coins on stickers and even a virtual aquarium (Sal loved this).

For the math – the nice thing is they not only visually show half the problem, they also allows the kid to add or subtract by taking things in or out of a cup – a nice virtual manipulative.

The spelling is straight forward, filling in the missing letter to a word they see a picture of, and the reading uses Dolch sight words, letting them select the correct word that is being said.

There are 5 levels for each subject – letting your kid progress through to more challenging words and math problems.    Even the bank of coins they can accrue adds an additional element as Sal would figure out how many more coins he needed before he could buy his next “big” purchase.

This one is a win/win for young kids– parents love it and kids do too.

Cost: $1.99

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