Sal’s top 10 (5 years old)

All these will eventually be reviewed, but thought we’d share Sal’s current top 10:

1.   Drawing Pad – draw pictures, choose your medium, email them – what’s not to love?

2.   Angry Bird – flinging birds, some problem solving, but just plain fun.

3.  Math Bingo – way more fun then flashcards, cool Bingo Bug prizes.

4.  Lightsaber – he loves Star Wars.   An app that lets him build his own lightsaber and makes cool swishy noises?  No question this would be loved.

5.  Doodle Jump –  bounce a guy up some platforms – not my (mom’s) cup of tea, but Sal’s gotten very proficient at reading large number scores.

6.  Blokus – classic board game put on iOS – great strategy game, against the computer or each other.

7.  PB Harmony – figure out how to balance precariously set shapes.

8.  Boxed In – logic based puzzle game, levels get tough quick.

9.  Dizzy Pad – get those reflexes ready – it’s a frog eat frog world.

10. Trace – the whole family loves this one – move your stick man to the goal circle – lots of good solutions,  fun to figure out.