Sal’s top 10 (6 years old)

Kidlet is growing up. I asked him for his top 10 list and he wrote it out for me this time. Anyways – these are heavy on the iPad side – and reflect a kid that loves reading, math, and anything with cute warring characters (sigh).

I lagged on some of the 5 year top 10 reviews, will try harder to get these completed. Here’s Sal’s top 10 list.

1.   Squids – Build and customize your cute squid army, strategize to win your battles, this game has Sal’s name all over it.

2.   Mino Monsters – Think Pokemon game meets app – yeah, another no brainer win for the kid.

3.  Math Evolve – Fun story line: check, video game like play: check, cute little characters: check, oh – and math: check.

4.   Where’s My Water – A fun physics puzzle game from Disney.

5.   Draw Something – Our whole family is addicted to this one: aunts, uncles, grandparents, and us. Think pictionary with a sneaky bit of a spelling bonus for the kids.

6.  Math Ninja – Ninjas and math – yeah, can’t go to wrong with this one for Sal.

7.  Civilization Revolution – You get to choose from 16 civilizations to build and conquer your way up the ladder. This has led to some interesting discussions as well as some good library finds by the kid trying to learn about these civilizations.

8.  Scribblenauts – A great creative problem solving game (that will make sure you don’t mistake a fiend for a friend).

9.  Khan Academy – not a game, but a truly wonderful set of videos. Khan Academy is shifting the learning paradigm – check out their site if you have not already. This is an easier way to navigate their treasure trove of videos. Can’t wait for them to expand it out to include the practice modules!

10. Hungry Fish – Feed your fish – but they’re a little picky on what they’ll eat. Luckily math can fix up a tasty treat.