I’m a mama in silicon valley – but doesn’t mean I see technology as the answer to everything. That said, I have to admit I have witnessed a lot of potential with the iOS devices watching my son play with the iPhone and iPad.

I was one of those moms that didn’t want her son watching tv till he was 2 (although we did have an occasional show here and there), hated baby einstein with a passion (went against everything I studied in college in brain development), but had a computer loophole built in early. I cap his screen time (right now he gets an hour max a day), but no denying he’s gotten stuff out of wonderful sites like Starfall, and some well thought out interactive games (as well as some timeless classic games that are just made travel friendly on an iOS device).

It’s been a mixed bag trying to find apps I like for Sal, and ones that he likes as well.   Some of the well reviewed apps have turned out to be stinkers, making me suspect some stuffing of ballots in the reviews, and some apps have gotten lower scores, but more because of prior bugs that are now fixed, making them great apps.   I wanted to provide parents a short cut to finding some real gems and providing at least my honest opinion on a few of the popular ones that seem like stinkers.

If you’re interested in a little more background, check out the first post which shares a bit more about who we are and why we’re introducing yet another site out there.  Our hope is to make it easy to find great apps for your kids.

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