MultiFlow – fun multiplication app that’s challenging for all ages

I forget how I found MultiFlow, but I’ve been happy I stumbled upon it.

Sal, not so much.

The times tables are his nemesis right now so I thought this would be a good diversion from them. You can use the “pick’em” mode to select a set of numbers to be drilled on (7’s for example) and the drills will be limited to multiples of 7s.  Sets of numbers work in there too, so he can add to his set of numbers over time.

Though, I’ve found it a good diversion for me too.  Turns out I can’t figure out every multiplication product of two numbers up to 20 in less than 5 seconds.  The “Enter the Flow” mode challenges you to answer increasingly difficult problems within 5 (normal) or 10 (easy) seconds.  Level 7 (out of 10 I think) has been my max so far.  But I learn a new product each time I try it out.

Reversals is your standard flash card game turned on its head.  Or mated with Jeopardy.  They give you the answer and 4 different equations.  You need to pick the right one.  Sal liked this the most so far. But might be because is name is in the title.

Mad Minute is the last one.  And I’m horrible at it.  You get a minute to solve as many problems as you can.  I hit the wall pretty fast on this one.  But practice will help me.

And that’s what’s kind of fun about this app.  Sal gets to see us struggle just like he is.  And he gets to see us improve.  So I think it helps put learning these things into context.  Or we’re lucky, cause he’s not using it as an excuse to never learn them, since we don’t know them that well.

It has GameCenter achievements and rankings…so you can find out where you really stand.

It’s 99 cents in the app store:

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