Math Evolve – favorite math app – for me and the kid

This app hits the holy grail for what you want for an educational app – magically transforming repetitive practice and turning it into something fun and engaging. When we first fired up the game we had a choice of “Story Mode” or “Practice Mode” – and, of course, we chose practice mode… just kidding, we went with the story.  You get just enough story to get you hooked in the destiny of your little character, which is you from an alien planet that is being attacked.  Naturally you were sent to Earth to evolve till you could come back and save your planet.

The game will fair better with gamers as you have some multi-tasking to do.  You need to avoid attacks while getting numbers for your equation.  I love that sometimes you need to fill in one of the multipliers or addends instead of just answering equations.    Sal’s addicted to saving his guy and evolving himself.

Which takes me to the practice mode.    I was immediately sold to see that it is a very customizable practice mode – choose your operation, choose your factors, speed, duration, and your good to go.  Get one wrong in practice mode?   The practice pauses till you can figure out the answer and move on.   How great is that?

There is even a player history that parents can check in to to see how their kid is doing, what they’ve been doing and what equations they can work on.

I guess there is a lite version as well – although I have to say to have all the operations, all the customization and visibility into what your kid is doing, AND have it be something your kid loves? The $0.99 for the full version was a no brainer for me. I’ve been disappointed lately with some of the stinginess of some of the games that keep making you pay for each new operation or lesson.

Cost: $0.99
Math Evolve - Zephyr Games