Draw Something – fun family app – pictionary with a bit of spelling

It’s been a while since an app has really truly captured the whole family – and I’m not just talking about the kid. There have been apps that the kid and his dad have enjoyed, the kid and his aunt have enjoyed, etc. but one that we all truly love? That’s a tougher bar to reach. Draw Something has been gaining a lot of popularity in the app world as adults love it, but there are some sneaky side benefits that kids can get from playing too.

Think Pictionary with some word unscrambling and you end up with Draw Something. You connect with other people’s accounts and take turns drawing and guessing each other’s words. We’ve gotten our friends and family in to play so that the kid is only playing with people who we know and who know him. You get to take turns, first choosing either a 1,2, or 3 coin word for you to draw and have the other person guess. They will watch a recording of you drawing and will have some letters and blanks (depending on how long the word is) that they can use to guess the word. If they get the word – you both earn the coins.

I love that it has elements of creativity, trying to come up with how to best capture and draw your word, a bit of vocabulary, spelling, and art. It’s interesting to see how the kid decides to represent words like “justice” or “victim”. There’s a unique joy seeing him guess words early, knowing you’re on the same wavelength, and seeing his spelling coming along! The game also doesn’t take up a lot of screen time as he’ll do his guesses and drawings at night before he goes to bed and wait till the next night to harvest his new batch of drawings from our family and friends.

You have 2 options, a free one with ads or pay $0.99 to have one without ads. We shelled out the buck but earn our coins in the game to earn new colors. It’s definitely worth at least trying out the free one, especially if you know some others with iOS devices that can play with you too.

Cost: Free (with ads) or $0.99 without ads and 400 coins in your account.

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