Where’s my water – good physics puzzle game from Disney

The Disney folks have some good apps on the iPhone for kids.  Very kid friendly, but sometimes geared towards some of their brands. This game is different, since it is created around a new character, Swampy the Alligator.

Swampy just wants to take a shower, yet the other alligators have broken the water pipes to his shower.  Your job is to get a water flow into Swampy’s pipes, so he can get that shower he so desperately wants.

Good messaging for the little ones too, huh?

It starts off pretty easy, getting one comfortable with the concept of water’s fluid dynamics and gravity.  As you get further along in the game, other fluids are introduced (shampoo?  slime?  both of which Swampy doesn’t like so much), other objects are introduced (sponges absorb the water you need to get to the pipes), and new mechanics are added too (levers and such to make the puzzles more complicated with a distinct order that you much perform the tasks in).

Our little guy has been pretty engaged with the game, without too much frustration.  The puzzles are at the same level of challenging as say Cut the Rope, but don’t require as much timing.  You can let your water pool up as you think about what to do next, which makes it more accessible for the younger set.

It’s an entertaining game, where the kids learn problem solving and some of the properties of fluids, while having fun.

Where's My Water? - Disney

Note: If you “like” their page on Facebook before Dec 15th, you can get a free copy of the app here.

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