Into the Snow – more interactive than book, but fun anyway!

Going into this app, I thought it was going to be an interactive book.  My first run through it showed me it wasn’t and though the interactive stuff was cute, I wasn’t that interested in it.  There was a story, but it was acted out instead of being in printed word to read.

However, I’ve got a little kid that’s always spying on me and my iPad, asking what the new icons he doesn’t recognize are.  And since I hadn’t deleted it, he asked about it, and we booted it up to get his reaction.  He really liked it.

Just a couple of kids, going out in the snow, playing around.  As each “chapter” ends, you get to interact with the app to help the kids out.  Digging in the snow for buried treasures, putting the face on a snow man, etc.

There isn’t much replayability, but when we were done with this story, the kid’s interest had been piqued with these characters and he wanted to do more with them.  This story is free and seasonally appropriate, so it is a great way to add to the winterish mood.

Other Stella and Sam adventures can be purchased in a story pack for a discount (instead of buying each of them for 3 bucks).

Into the Snow (free-$1.99):

Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure - zinc Roe

Stella and Sam story pack($3.99):

Stella and Sam Story Pack - zinc Roe

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