Casey’s Contraptions – physics game, geared towards kids with a iPad friendly UI

Update:This game was bought out and renamed Amazing Alex by Rovio. But it’s still the same great game.

It’s a physics, Rube Goldberg game, with a slant towards children.  It is a lot like the previously reviewed Crazy Machines, but it has a much more intuitive UI, and the main character is a little boy, which I think is more attractive to the younger set.

The scenery/context of the game is more kid friendly.  Remote controlled cars, balls, books, the side of the house, etc. all makes it easier for a child to relate to the game vs the more adult physics setting of other games.

The game play is more or less the same though – get missions from Casey and use various objects from around the house to solve his puzzles.  There are gold stars scattered through the screen as extra credit.

The game’s interface is a lot more accessible to Sal than Crazy Machines and seems to be because it was designed as a touch interface game from the get go.

But even better, you can design your own levels. This really unleashed the imagination.  Things get a little crazy at first, till one learns about making the challenge realistic, solvable, and challenging.  We haven’t there completely yet, but when we do, we’ll be sharing them.

That’s right, with the ability to share the levels you create, you basically have a game with loads of extra re-playability.  Not only do you get to design your own levels, but you can always pick up more levels from their website.  Over 1,500 customer created levels so far…

Given the attractiveness of the game’s graphics to the younger set and the almost infinite replayability, this game is a definite steal at only $2.99.

Casey's Contraptions HD - Snappy Touch

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