We Theives – Cute problem solver, though maybe a little dark.

These guys are cute, no doubt about it. But the story line is a little strange, with them stealing treasures. Them stealing treasures without the ability to move on their own even – they need to be pushed and prodded through physics (gravity, levers, explosions) to get to the door with the treasures.

But whatever.  It’s a puzzle game, with some physics/interaction riddles. There’s a few different ways of solving each screen and sometimes when I get home and I see that Sal’s a few levels ahead of me, we talk about the ways he solved the screens and the ways I solved them.  Each of us building up a library of “moves” to use on later stages.  I think that one’s actually encouraged to experiment and exercise a lot of trial and error in this game, because just looking at the initial state, I’m often not sure of how to approach it. As you piece together the situation through a couple of experiments, then the plan comes together.  So, I guess it can be a good introduction to the scientific method…

It’s fun, entertaining and mildly educational.  Just a little dark.  Sure, the little angels are cute when the critter falls into the lava, but I’m not sure what Sal’s really taking from that messaging, beyond the fact that he’s gotta restart the level.

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