Super 7 – Flight Control fun with a math drilling aspect to it.

Sal busted me on this one, but I had the last laugh.  When I called him over to show him a new game, he yelled back “Is it going to be a fun one or one that tries to teach me math?”  Guess he’s had enough of that McGraw Hill sampler pack, huh?

But, after watching me play once, he wanted a shot.  And after a couple of requests to head on out to dinner, he almost got himself into real trouble playing Super 7.

It’s a fun game, simple enough at first, then getting more complicated without really getting more complicated.  It is a line drawing game, similar to Flight Control.  But instead of landing planes, you’re mixing numbers to get to the sum of 7.  Go above 7 (or below -7) and your game is over.

That’s it.

Until they start adding negative numbers (that’s how you get to -7…) and then they start adding multipliers.  Then the handy fact that 5×2 is 10 and that’s greater than 7 becomes it’s something you’re scared of.

Though it’s not drilling a lot of math, it’s getting the math in there at a pretty low fundamental level.  You can string together a chain of numbers too, so 4+1+2 will take care of itself, as long as other numbers don’t get in the way.  Good for doing some rote math drills without the feeling that you’re doing some rote math drills.

There is a local leaderboard and stats, in case your family is competitive like that.  And the universal app, when on an iPad, has an XL version, where there’s a lot more space to play the game.  Good simple fun.  Sal even agrees.


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