ItzaBitza for the Mac – great for early reading comprehension

We’ve written about the great ItzaBitza line before when reviewing their app CocoaNaut.  I happened to be reading up on what they’re doing lately, to get any hints about when their next iOS release would be and found out that ItzaBitza is also out on the Mac now.

I can’t stress how much I’ve enjoyed this app.  Besides it being flat out fun, it really impresses me from a technical point of view.  I love how engaging the world is and how it really allows the user (I honestly can’t say that the user has been limited to a child in our experiences with it) stretch their imagination and have fun while doing it!

This screenshot is a Sal original. And as you get into further levels, your virtual friend will make more demanding requests.  Instead of just asking for windows, he’ll as for 4 windows.  It really is a great motivator for learning how to read because your child will want to build things right for their little “sketchy”.

But what makes this over the top fun, is how the sketchy will interact with the environment you create.  The door opens when you walk into it (and you shrink or grow to the appropriate size too).  There are couches and paintings on the walls that you can see through the windows when you’re having a party…it’s just so much fun because they put in a lot of attention to details in this children’s virtual world. As the tasks build up, their reading comprehension will be critical to drawing the right pieces and earning those coveted stars.

Sal was so excited when he unlocked the Haunted House level that he called me at work, giddy with the accomplishment.  Then he waited for me to get home to start the level so we could play it together.  Still haven’t figured out how to get the cat to goto sleep…but it’ll come.  We get a lot of good brainstorming sessions out of this game, for different ways to approach the problems we’re faced with. Even outside of playing the game, we’ll have conversations about what we might want to try next time.

I love it.  And it is only $9.99 at the Mac App store –

And of course, the Windows version is still available.

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