Sticker Sudoku – fun intro for kids to logic puzzles

We’re excited to announce our first app! We’ve been big fans of how intuitive iOS apps are to kids and have been impressed with how quickly they are being adopted in schools. Sal’s school has gotten a set of iPads that are very popular with the kids and filled with educational apps and books for them to play with during their workstation rotations. We thought it’d be a fun project to try and design an app that could be engaging to the younger mindset, yet also help them develop basic reasoning and logic skills.

So far the kindergarteners that we’ve tried it out with have had more fun with the cuter icons over the cold numbers of traditional sudoku, kind of like adding cheese to cover the broccoli. I have to admit, there’s been a bit of a competition between the adults and our friends to see who could get the fastest time too.

Sticker Sudoku is now available at the store – see our page for more details 🙂

Cost: Free!

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