StackEm – great board game for two.

* note – just got word that this game has been taken down due to conflict between Goblet and Stackem, I’ll keep an eye opened on this, but for now seems like the game has been removed*

We’re at the point where the restaurant menus need 4×4 or 5×5 grids for tic-tac-toe to be interesting.  Or sometimes we create a little Connect 4 on the menu too. This game, is a great combination of those two – but kind of difficult to manage on the back of a menu with a crayon.

You need to get 4 in a row in the grid, but the catch is, that you have pieces that are of 4 different sizes.  And the bigger pieces can cover the smaller pieces, thus shifting the balance of power on the board rather quickly.

First time I downloaded it and showed it to Sal, he already knew the rules because he had played it as a board game at his friend’s house. It is called Gobblet if you feel the need to play this in the real world.

He barely beat me the first time.  That was kind of exciting.  I’ve come back to get him since then, but the game is great, because it works your short term memory.  You need to remember what pieces are underneath the larger pieces, because knowing which pieces to reveal is a huge advantage in the game.

The AI engine is also pretty good, allowing us to practice against the computer, since Sal doesn’t always trust the advice I’m giving him when we’re going head to head.

Go figure.

And the settings menu on the app allows you to change between a few different color schemes, so don’t get too alarmed by the schemes shown in the store.

Cost: $.99

iPhone/iPod –StackEm - Shawn's Bits

iPad – StackEm - Shawn's Bits

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