Mathmateer – can math practice be addictive?

When I found out the developer of Stack the States had a math app, I knew I wanted to give it a try. I checked out the game before unleashing my kid on it – and immediately noticed it’s a very rich app with beautiful graphics and action.

You begin by making your avatar and setting up your rocket. The rocket building is addictive – with all the cool shiny options that kids love. And here’s where some of that rocket building addiction comes in handy – you soon find you need more money to make your mods and off you go to earn some money by doing – what else – some math.

Once you’ve gotten your rocket just so, you can test it out for some math missions. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hurdle yourself into space and answer the math problems as they appear. There is a rich choice selection for math missions, ranging from numbers, counting, time, US money, shapes, add/subtract, multiply/divide, and square roots. You may notice your rocket doesn’t get enough air to get you far enough into the mission to do many problems so you may need to go back to the drawing board to modify your rocket or build a new one (your character can have multiple rockets).

My son loves this game. He even will take the concept and then when we go take our dog for a walk will want to verbally play Rocket Math. Watching him play I noticed that he figured out a lot more about the effects of rocket modification and your game play then I did.

A few points that we’d love to see in future options:
From Sal – we had a devastating meltdown when he deleted his rocket ship. Was there a warning asking if you wanted to delete the rocket ship? Yes there was. He got a bit confused because he wanted a new rocket. You can have multiple rockets, but you only see that option when you first open your character. It would be awesome to have a new rocket option in the “my rockets” section.

From Mom – I love Sal getting in some math fun – but would also love it some more if he felt more motivated to try some of the harder missions that he can do. The different medals for the different missions are great – but the rocket mods for my son are the biggest motivator for him – I would have loved if some of the mods could only be unlocked once you got through certain missions. I’m evil like that.

BTW – the developer was kind enough to provide me a promo code. I promise, the fond review was not due to the gifting of the 99 cents šŸ™‚

Trial – Free:

Full app – Cost: $0.99

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