Cut the Rope – a lot easier to argue the educational merits than Angry Birds.

Okay – so I’ve tried to say that Angry Birds and its physics engine can be educational, but it was a stretch and I knew it.

Cut the Rope, another popular, cute little game has been a lot easier to convince mom of its edutainment benefits.

Besides the basic physics of the world, each level is much more of a puzzle than Angry Birds.  While Angry Birds can be solved by a little luck (and I know we’ve relied on that more than I’d like to admit) the levels in Cut the Rope rely less on luck and more on planning and execution.  One needs to be a little more methodical as one tries to get candy over to the way too cute little monster.  Carefully use the ropes, avoid the spiders, use the sliders and puffs of air, use bubbles then pop bubbles – in the right order and with reasonable precision – to succeed.

Practicing all that really is good for you.  And your child.

Some levels will be frustrating for the two of you, but again, that’s a learning opportunity.  Coping with frustration is an incredibly useful skill to have – and this little game is simple enough that it will really test your patience sometimes.  All in the name of development of course.

Comes in a lite version too, if you want to just dip your toes.

Lite version – iPhone/iPod

Lite version -iPad

Cost: $2.99 – iPhone/iPod

Cost: $4.99 – iPad

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