Boxed In – puzzle app for youngsters and adults

This was one of Sal’s first favorites when I had first gotten my iPhone. I was looking at his top 10 list from when he had just turned 5 and realized I needed to review this gem and needed to get this back on the rotation on my iPhone.

This puzzle app has a cute little robot that you control and 50 levels for you to take down. For each level, you need to get your robot to the exit. To do this you will need to move some boxes onto the colored outlined squares to disable the forcefield blocks, collect all your gears, and get on out. As the levels progress there is more backtracking and iterative moves that you need to perform to mastermind escape. It’s a nice workout for your memory as you have to remember your previous moves when you retackle a level that you realize you need to change just one of your past moves.

This was another family favorite trying to get through the levels. Sal could manage the beginning levels but the mid and late levels quickly got overwhelming. If you’re kid enjoys games like Rush Hour or Traffic Jam, this one is a good to try.

Cost: $0.99

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