Word Warrior – Fun Spelling App

As the lil guy progresses in Kindergarten they do a surprising amount of writing in his class. Sal’s a strong reader, but we’re working on improving the mechanics of writing and some spelling. This game was a quick favorite for Sal and seemed to have an impact on his spelling. Take the allure of an adventure game where you get to earn new armor and weapons along the way to outfit your character, throw in a bit of spelling by finding words in a random set of letters, and the action of defeating an alien opponent within a timed period – and you’ve got the perfect mix of learning and fun for our guy.

Each level you battle some alien/monster – with differing strengths. The longer the word you can construct from the letters below, the more hit points you achieve against your opponent. Certain levels have challenges such as only allowing words that start with the letter “R”. Your armor and weapons all have variables of strength, defense, and luck. The more luck you have, the more likely you will to find more items. This part is admittedly Sal’s favorite. With parents that loved playing games pre-kids such as “Champions of Norath”, Sal was destined to find the allure in his very own adventure game.

Sal stalled on the game after hitting a road block on the levels, but he still enjoys coming back to this one and replaying some of the other levels. We’ll sit with him and help him a bit, offering words if he’s stuck, and letting him try to figure out how to spell it. This one is a big winner in our household.

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