TeachMe: 1st Grade adding writing to the ever-popular Kindergarten version

Cruising around the app store I was pleased to find out that TeachMe had a new addition out for 1st grade. We bought the app and gave it a whirl – Sal found a rekindled love of building up his virtual aquarium (those who have tried the Teach Me Kindergarten will know how alluring this virtual aquarium can be as a reward).

A lot of the same goodness still applies for Teach Me 1st including settings that are configurable so you can customize it to your kid’s level or let them play till they build up to those levels. You build up reward coins after a certain number of right answers (you can customize this too).

The biggest difference is encouraging the kids to write their answers – whether it be a addition or subtraction problem, or a spelling question. This brings in a great new element to challenge kids to not just recognize, but to produce and practice their word and number writing. The number and letter recognition can be a little funky at times, which will give your lil’n a bit more practice in writing recognizable letters and numbers. You do lose the virtual manipulatives aspect that the Teach Me Kindergarten had before, but once honing your skills in the Kindergarten app, your kid may not need the virtual manipulatives as much.

Sal continues to love this app and found this one more fun with the added challenge of writing then the Teach Me Kindergarten. Mom and Dad are also hooked with their own accounts creating their virtual aquariums as well.

Cost: $1.99

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