Stack the States – fun way to learn the states and capitals

This app surprised me on how much staying power and interest it has gotten from Sal, and how many capitals I need to relearn. The game is pretty straight forward, answer the question right and you get to let your state drop down to a platform. Stack your states up to the line and you’ve just earned yourself a state and move on to the next level.

The questions range from state shapes, capitals, and neighboring states. Sal’s also been caught by surprise of the relative size of the states that he’s earned to drop off the platform, pleasantly surprised with Alaska and Texas, not so happy with Rhode Island. He’s pulled out his puzzle maps and even dived into a fairly dry book of facts on the 50 states that I got for a buck at Target. Getting the states positioned so that they will stack and balance is a fun little challenge too.

Not one that I would have predicted, but I find when Sal gets a little time on my iPhone, this is one of his choices he consistently goes back to. Fun way to get to know the states of the U.S.

Cost: $0.99
Stack the States - Dan Russell-Pinson

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