Dem Bones – sing along to this classic song. Dancing is optional.

This is flat out a silly app. But my son and I argue about the difference between silly and funny and right now, he prefers silly over funny every day of the week. So he enjoys this app.

He likes the music.  Doesn’t care right now whether he’s singing along at the right times.

He likes the fact that they have this song in kindergarten for him – except they don’t have a dancing skeleton.

He likes trying to mimic the skeleton as he dances.

He even likes picking the color of the skeleton and the drapes.

I don’t get any of it.  But the kid loves it. So we’ve played it a few times.  Then I thought the novelty had worn off when I booted this up to get a screenshot.  Next thing you know, I’ve got a kid standing next to me trying to see the screen, trying to swing his arms in sync with the skeleton.

Go figure.  It’s a winner.

At worst, they learn body parts connected to each other and some dance moves. And if they’re really ambitious, they read along.

Cost: Free!

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