Mathboard – math worksheets for the iPad

After seeing a mommy friend’s question around math worksheets – I was curious to see if there were any good apps for that as well.   I was pleased to find out about MathBoard.   It had a great old school chalk board feel that I thought might entice some youngsters out there to practice some of their math skills.

I’ll say this upfront since I did not know this when I purchased the full version  – try out the free lite app first.    It will have the same format, same capabilities, but will just limit you to addition practice.    This app allows you to configure what kind of problems are generated, and you have a small space on the bottom that you can work out your problems.   The problems are provided with multiple choice answers.   For me – I am not as big a fan of this format – but I guess it can hone those estimating skills.

There are some improvements that could be made like the workspace.  The workspace is small – which – you can expand, but when you shrink it again, you lose sight  of your work.    I’d also recommend having a stylus if you are going to use the workspace area. I have to say for Sal – I’d rather just use an old fashion print out if we’re gonna work out some practice problems – but an app format may be what wets your kid’s appetite – hence – try out the free app, see if it works for your kid.   It didn’t for mine but seems to work for others.


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