Wheels on the Bus – Saves you the effort of having to sing solo.

Wheels on the Bus is a great looking, great sounding, slightly interactive book.  Full disclosure – I don’t think I ever knew this song growing up, but I don’t think this version is the pure, traditional version.  It’s got cupcakes in it after all. But that doesn’t  mean it still isn’t a catchy tune to sing along to.  And isn’t tweaking the classics a good sign of creativity?

As far as the interactions go, it’s on par with a pull out book, or a pop up book. There are cute things that happen, and your child will undoubtably latch on to one or two of the actions and repeat them over and over again.  We like the monkey stealing a cupcake.

But the big win I think is in the fact that they sing the song for you.  They’re much better singers than I am. And they’re always up for it.  And I’ve seen how quickly these young minds latch on to lyrics – this is good memory development work for them too.  They just think they’re playing with a bus – but they’re really memorizing lyrics and melodies.  Pretty tricky, huh?

Of course I wish there were more pages and lyrics, but it’s a completely enthralling experience for a young mind and should keep their interest for quite a while (at least as much as any other version of this song would).

Wheels on the Bus (iPhone): $1.99

Wheels on the Bus HD (iPad): $1.99

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