tChess lite – free chess game

I’ve mentioned that our little guy is into chess and though Animal Chess is better suited for him now, I figured it couldn’t hurt to explore a chess game or two.  The Game Table app is great for recreating the real world issues of chess, but tChess lite is a great free game that brings the benefit of technology to the game.

Besides having a variety of nice views to the game (3d, 2d, wood or blue) the game offers a variety of visual cues and hints to help one learn the rules. Selecting a piece will highlight it’s available legal moves, to help reinforce the rules within my son’s mind.  Or, he can just select various pieces to explore what their options are. And because it has a chess playing engine in it, it can also give you a flat out hint (though no additional clues as to why that’s a good move).

It is not a full blown chess tutor (though we have seen those in the app store and will be exploring them soon) but it is a very capable tool that supports our son’s exploration into chess.  Visually striking enough to keep him engaged and with a very solid UI that supports his internalizing of the rules, it is a game we enjoy each time we start it up.

Cost: $0.99

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