Puppet Pals – Fun iPad app for your kids to create their own puppet shows

This is a great way to develop story telling and encourage creativity by creating your own puppet shows.  You can download the base set which includes a few puppets and a western scene stage to get started.  This was enough to sell us on this app and the great potential it had.

It’s a simple app to navigate and use – the touch screen interface makes it easy for you to choose your characters and scene.  You just click record, drag your characters in, and it will also record the sounds and voices you make for each of your characters.   You can even drag in multiple puppets at once.

Sal’s recorded a couple puppet shows, including a failed heist attempt from the bad guys – that we’ve enjoyed replaying over and over.    We’re hoping that a future version of this will allow us to send the recordings over to the grandparents.   This one is a lot of fun for kids and adults who have a soft spot for puppet shows.

Cost: $1.99

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