Perfect Balance Harmony – a fun way to introduce some laws of physics

A game with subtle physics lessons that will delight your child for years to come.  When they’re in college, they’ll look back on their days of playing Perfect Balance Harmony and give it credit for all their A’s in the hard sciences.  Well, maybe it won’t get all the credit, but it can certainly spark some interest.

The problems are simple – you have a set of objects that need to be placed in perfect balance.  Each step of the way needs to be in perfect balance – which is what introduces a nice, challenging aspect of planning.  Even if one can visualize the end state of perfect balance, one still needs to figure out a path from start to end that maintains balance throughout.  It can get tough!

And of course, there is the small matter of actually placing the pieces in the places you want.  Using the touch interface will help develop and fine tune your child’s motor skills.  On the more advanced levels, they will learn that precision does matter and their abilities will increase quickly.

Available in a lite version with a limited set of problems and if your child is interested, you can upgrade to the full version for $.99.

Cost for lite:  Free!

Cost for upgrade:  $0.99

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