PathPix -app that reinforces number sense, more fun then connect the dots

Sal enjoyed this little app right off the bat.   It’s a delightful twist on connect the dots – where instead, you need to connect 2 identically colored numbers, but make sure you have the same number of squares covered as those 2 numbers.   The first one was simple, no conflicts, no multiple ways to get the numbers connected, but slowly they add the size and complexity.

The “reward” in finishing this game is that once you’ve finished connecting all the numbers – the image zooms out and you see that you’ve completed a picture.   Sal loved these pictures and reading the little proverb or quote written below it.

This is one Sal has requested over and over.   I only wish they had a few more options to either go back and redo some of the puzzles or a few more of the easier ones as he’s progressed through to some challenging puzzles.   The puzzles have a bit more problem solving as the higher levels have more decisions on how to connect the numbers and often require you to go back and change a couple of your paths so that you can get all the numbers properly connected.    We’ve enjoyed this one too and helping Sal back out and figure out how he can get all the numbers their mate.

Cost:  $1.99

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